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Colonial Revival Style

With population expanding, immigrants arriving, rapid industrialization, and urbanization, it is little wonder that late-19th century Americans viewed their simpler colonial past as a Golden Age. Emerging wearily from Reconstruction, Americans patriotically celebrated their past and future at Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition.  The “New England Farmer’s Home and Modern Kitchen” was a particularly popular exhibit.   Inside this log cabin, women in colonial dress exhibited artifacts such as a Pilgrim’s cradle and spinning wheel, idealizing an America heroically hewn out of New England by hard-working colonists.

Colonial Revival Style house
Colonial Revival
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Historic Fort Worth 2010 Award for Excellence in Preservation awarded to The Brent Hull Companies and Christine G. H. Franck, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fort Worth, TX – September 20, 2010

Historic Fort Worth has awarded the Byrd Residence its 2010 Residential Award recognizing excellence in the rehabilitation of historic homes.  Fort Worth homebuilder and master-craftsman Brent Hull of The Brent Hull Companies collaborated with New York-based design firm Christine G. H. Franck, Inc. to restore this historic home to its original charm.

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Fort Worth Home Restored to its Colonial Revival Charm

When an historic Colonial Revival home in Fort Worth, Texas needed a gentle facelift to restore its original beauty, the homeowners called on Brent Hull of Hull Historical to head up the renovations. For classical expertise in renovating the facade, Hull Historical turned to Christine G. H. Franck, Inc.

Byrd Residence after renovation

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