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New book club launching: Reading Tradition

Beginning next month, the International Network of Traditional Building, Architecture, and Urbanism (INTBAU) USA chapter will launch its book club called Reading Tradition. As chair of INTBAU USA, I am so pleased to bring this new program to you. It is open to all.

Learn more about how the book club will work here. To join our book club, please click here. Look forward to seeing you online!

Opinion published on Common \ Edge regarding recent executive order on federal architecture

Featured today on Common \ Edge, a not-for-profit website dedicated to reconnecting architecture and design to the public, is Christine Huckins Franck’s essay in opposition to the recently signed executive order on federal architecture. Read more here or below.

Franck featured in Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Building Dialogue Magazine

Enjoy this interview by Beth Mosenthal, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, of Anderson Mason Dale Architects, in which she explores Christine Franck’s background and ideas about classical and traditional architecture. “Letting the Past Thoughtfully Inform the Present” was published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Building Dialogue magazine.

On Columns, Classicism, and Creativity

[This essay was originally published in Traditional Building, September 2019]

How should our buildings look today?

Why do we choose to make our buildings look one way and not another? How should our buildings look? Two different but related questions, the answers to which are many and difficult to tease apart, for architecture operates on many levels.

Today, many who regard themselves as classicists all too often answer “how should our buildings look” with a resounding: classically correct! This is understandable as 21st century classicism is still operating in recovery mode. The lacuna of what we simplistically call modernism nearly broke the chain of tradition preceding it. In this regard, we are not unlike our Renaissance predecessors.

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The ICAA: Its History, Mission, Vision, and Values

Recorded in Savannah, Georgia, this brief lecture, delivered to trustees of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, presents the history of the development of the ICAA over the years and its place in the larger context of architecture, urban design, landscape, decoration, construction, and the arts today.

N.B., as history is only as good as the historian, corrections and additions to this story are welcome by the author.

Christine Huckins Franck’s Work Exhibited in London at the Royal Institute of British Architects

DENVER, Colorado (September 10, 2015) – Christine Huckins Franck, Director of the Center for Advanced Research in Traditional Architecture (CARTA) at the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning, is featured in a major international exhibit at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. Continue reading

Declarations, Charters and Manifestos of Modern Classical and Traditional Architecture

Cover of An Architecture For Our Time: The New Classicism by Charles Siegel.

Here below are links to different declarations, charters, manifestos and short treatises about modern classical and traditional architecture. Please advise me of others and I will add them to this list.

2013, A Treatise on Modern Architecture by George Saumarez Smith, RIBA:

2010, What Makes a Building Classical by Dino Marcantonio:

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Robert Adam speaks: On the Nature of Tradition and Innovation

Dean Mark Gelernter, architect Robert Adam and Contemporary Traditional Architecture Initiatives director Christine G. H. Franck.

Dean Mark Gelernter, architect Robert Adam and Contemporary Traditional Architecture Initiatives director Christine G. H. Franck.

I was so pleased to have the great British architect Robert Adam come to Denver to deliver a lecture for the Contemporary Traditional Architecture Initiatives at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning this past spring. Many thanks to the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Rocky Mountain Chapter for their generous support!

Watch the video here:

Growth in the ICAA’s Educational Programs

In 2002, after running the then-named Institute of Classical Architecture’s programs since 1997, I decided it was time for a workshop to discuss the future of our educational programs. 2002 marked the end of our first decade. During that time we had experienced financial, geographic and student growth and were on the cusp of three of our biggest steps forward: merging with Classical America, launching our template for chapters, and hiring our first President, Paul Gunther. Over the course of the following two years we gathered twice, inviting all of our faculty and fellows together to discuss the current and future state of our educational programs. We sought to arrive at a shared vision of future needs and possibilities. Many of those things we identified a decade ago have come to be fulfilled, some have yet to be, and some are no longer relevant. It is interesting to look back on this now, a decade later, after just returning home from the ICAA‘s National Curriculum Conference in Newport.

ICAA Instructors and staff meet at the 2013 National Curriculum Conference

ICAA Instructors and staff meet at the 2013 National Curriculum Conference

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New Classicism in Old Florida: Jurying the ICAA Florida Chapter’s 2013 Addison Mizner Medal for Excellence in Traditional and Classical Architecture

As America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the exploration of Florida by Juan Ponce de León, the ICAA Florida Chapter held its second annual jury for the Addison Mizner Medal for Excellence in Classical and Traditional Architecture.


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