The Classicist’s Library: Recommended Readings in Architecture, Urbanism and Art

A glimpse of my library in New York.

I am often asked which books should be read to learn about the history and practice of classical architecture. In an attempt to answer that question, I offer this list of essential books. Without doubt it is incomplete, as all pursuits of knowledge will always be. And it certainly reflects my own interests, as it is weighted to American architecture. Nonetheless, I hope you find it useful and please advise me of any errors or omissions.

Theoretical Works on Classical and Traditional Architecture and Urbanism

Alexander, Christopher. The Timeless Way of Building. Oxford University Press, 1979.

Alexander, Christopher.  A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction. Oxford University Press, 1977.

HRH The Prince of Wales. A Vision of Britain. New York: Doubleday, 1989.

Krier, Léon. Architecture of Community. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2009.

Krier, Leon. Architecture: Choice or Fate. London: Andreas Papadakis, 1998

Reed, Henry Hope. The Golden City. Garden City: Doubleday, 1959. Reprinted by W. W. Norton & Co., 1978.

Scott, Geoffrey. The Architecture of Humanism. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1914. Reprinted by W. W. Norton & Co., 1974 and 2000.

Scruton, Roger. The Aesthetics of Architecture. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1979.

Scruton, Roger. The Classical Vernacular: Architectural Principles in an Age of Nihilism. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1994.

Tzonis, Alexander and L. Lefaivre. Classical Architecture, The Poetics of Order, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1986.

Watkin, David. Morality and Architecture Revisited, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2001.

Wittkower, Rudolf. Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism. London: A. Tiranti, 1952. Reprinted, New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1971.

General Works on Contemporary Classicism and Traditional Urbanism

Institute of Classical Architecture. A Decade of Art and Architecture: 1992–2002. New York: Institute of Classical Architecture, 2002.

Dowling, Elizabeth Meredith. New Classicism: The Rebirth of Traditional Architecture. New York: Rizzoli, 2004.

Treatises, Parallels, and Pattern Books on Classical Architecture

Adam, Robert.  Classical Architecture: A Comprehensive Handbook to the Tradition of Classical Style. United Kingdom: Viking, 1990.

Alberti, Leon Battista. The Ten Books of Architecture: The 1755 Leoni Edition. Reprint. New York: Dover Publications, 1987.

Benjamin, Asher. The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter (1830). Facsimile of 1830 ed. New York: Dover Publications, 1989.

Benjamin, Asher. The Country Builder’s Assistant: The First American Architectural Handbook. Bedford, Ma: Applewood Books, 1989.

Blondel, Jacques-François. Cours d’Architecture, ou Traité de la Décoration, Distribution & Construction des Bâtiments. Paris: Desaint [etc.], 1771-1777

Brown, Frank Chouteau. The Study of the Orders: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Five Classic Orders of Architecture. Chicago: American Technical Society, 1919.

Campbell, Colen. Vitruvius Britannicus: The Classic of Eighteenth-Century British Architecture (Dover Books on Architecture). New York: Dover Publications, 2006.

Chambers, William, Joseph Gwilt, and Thomas Hardwick. A Treatise On the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, (Dover Pictorial Archive Series). New York: Dover Publications, 2003.

Chitham, Robert. The Classical Orders of Architecture. Oxford: Architectural Press, 1985.

D’Espouy, Hector. Greek and Roman Architecture in Classic Illustrations. New York: Dover Publications, 1999.

Durand, Jean Nicolas Louis. Recueil at Parallele des Edifices. Paris: 1800.

Fréart de Chambray, Roland. Parallèle de l’architecture antique avec la moderne. Paris: Edmé Martin, 1650. English translation reprinted by Farnborough, 1970.

Gabriel, Jean-Francois. Classical Architecture for the Twenty-first Century. W. W. Norton & Co., 2004.

Gibbs, James. Rules for Drawing the Several Parts of Architecture. London, 1732. Reprint by Gale ECCO, Print Editions, 2010.

Gibbs, James. Gibbs’ Book of Architecture: An Eighteenth Century Classic. Reprint. New York: Dover Publications, 2008.

Gromort, Georges. The Elements of Classical Architecture. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2001.

Hall, John, and Thomas Gordon Smith. John Hall and the Grecian Style in America: A Reprint of Three Pattern Books Published in Baltimore in 1840 (Acanthus Press Reprint Series. the 19th Century, Landmarks in Design, Vol 2). New York City: Acanthus Press, 1996.

Langley, Batty. The City and Country Builder’s and Workman’s Treasury of Designs. London: S. Harding, 1756.

Langley, Batty, and Thomas Langley. The Builder’s Jewel Or, the Youth’s Instructor and Workman’s Remembrancer. Facsimile of 1746 ed. Harvard: Ayer Co Pub, 1968.

Langley, Batty, and Thomas Langley. Gothick Architecture: A Reprint of the Original 1742 Treatise (Dover Pictorial Archive Series). illustrated edition ed. New York: Dover Publications, 2003.

Morris, Robert. Select Architecture (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series). Facsimile of 1757 ed. New York and Washington D.C.: Da Capo Press, 1973. Print.

Normand, Charles Pierre Joseph. Nouveau parallele des orders d’architecture des Grecs, des Romanes, et des auteurs modernes. Paris, 1819. Reprinted as A Parallel of the Classical Orders of Architecture. New York: Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture and Acanthus Press, 1997.

Pain, William. The Practical House Carpenter; or, Youth’s Instructor. London : William Pain, 1797.

Palladio, Andrea. The Four Books of Architecture (Dover Pictorial Archives). New York: Dover Publications, 1965.

Serlio, Sebastiano. The Five Books of Architecture. New York: Dover Publications, 1982.

Serlio, Sebastiano. Serlio on Domestic Architecture. New York: Dover Publications, 1997.

Smith, Thomas Gordon. Vitruvius on Architecture. New York: Monacelli, 2004.

Summerson, Sir John. The Classical Language of Architecture. London: Methuen, 1964. Reprinted by The MIT Press (1966).

Swan, Abraham. Georgian Architectural Designs and Details: The Classic 1757 Stylebook. New York: Dover Publications, 2005.

Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi da., Regola delle cinque ordini d’architettura 1562. Translated to English by Branko Mitrovic and published as Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture, New York: Acanthus Press, 1999 and by John Leeke, published as Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture. New York: Dover Publications, 2010.

Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus., translation by Morris Hickey Morgan. The Ten Books on Architecture. New York: Dover Publications, 1960.

Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus., translation by Ingrid Rowland. The Ten Books on Architecture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Geometry and Proportion

Allen, Jon. Drawing  Geometry: A Primer of Basic Forms for Artists, Designers and Architects. Edinburgh: Floris, 2007.

Euclid, translated by Thomas Little Heath. The Thirteen Books of Euclid’s Elements. Vol. 1. New York: Dover Publications, 1956.

Lawlor, Robert. Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1989.

Proclus, and Glenn R. Morrow. A Commentary on the First Book of Euclid’s Elements. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1970.

Scholfield, P. H. The Theory of Proportion in Architecture. London: Cambridge University Press, 1958.

Architectural Composition

Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt. Architectural Composition. Cleveland: J.H. Jansen, 1926.

Edwards, Trystan. Architectural Style. London: Faber and Gower, 1926.

Edwards, Trystan. Style and Composition in Architecture. Chippendale: Alec Tiranti, 1952.

Edwards, Trystan. Good and Bad Manners in architecture: An Essay on the Social Aspects of Civic Design. London: John Tiranti, 1945.

Harbeson, John F. The Study of Architectural Design. New York: W. W. Norton, 2008.

Pickering, Ernest. Architectural Design. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, Inc; London: Chapman & Hall Limited, 1947.

Stratton, Arthur. Elements of Form and Design in Classic Architecture. New York: Jeremy Mills Publishing, 2007.

Ware, William R. The American Vignola. Scranton: International Textbook Company1904. Reprinted with Introduction by Henry Hope Reed and John Barrington Bayley. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1977, and Dover Publications, 1994.

Decoration and Ornament

Bloomer, Kent. The Nature of Ornament. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2000.

Brolin, Brent C. Architectural Ornament: Banishment and Return. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2000.

Hamlin, A. D. F. The History of Ornament. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1921.

Walker, C. Howard and Richard Sammons. Theory of Mouldings. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2007.

Interior Architecture and Decoration

Clute, Eugene. The treatment of interior. New York: The Pencil Points Press, Inc, 1926.

Codman Jr., Ogden, and Edith Wharton. The Decoration Of Houses – The Original 1897 Edition. New York: Mount Press/Rizzoli, 2007. Print.

Semes, Steven W. The Architecture of the Classical Interior. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2004. Print.

Construction Details

Comparative Architectural Details: A Selection from Pencil Points 1932-1937. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2010.

Franck, Christine and Brent Hull. Traditional American Rooms: Celebrating Style, Craftsmanship, and Historic Woodwork (Winterthur Style Sourcebook). Fox Chapel Publishing, 2009.

Knobloch, Philip George. Good practice in construction: Part II (The Pencil Points Library, v. 3). New York: Pencil Points Press, 1925.

Snyder, Frank. Building Details. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2007.

Drafting and Rendering Techniques

Cigliano, J, and G Hartman. Pencil Points Reader: Selected Readings from a Journal for the Drafting Room, 1920-1943. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2004.

Magonigle, H. Van Buren. Architectural Rendering in Wash. New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1921.

McGoodwin, Henry. Architectural Shades and Shadows. Concord: Bates & Guild, Boston, 1922.

Massimiliano, David. Ruins of Ancient Rome: The Drawings of French Architects Who Won the Prix De Rome 1786-1924. J. Paul Getty Museum, 2002.

Architectural History – Comprehensive

Fletcher, Banister, and Dan Cruickshank. Sir Banister Fletcher’s a History of Architecture.Oxford: Architectural, 1996.

Gwilt, Joseph. Encyclopedia of Architecture. London: 1867. Reprinted,New York: Bonanza Books, 1982.

Watkin, David. A History of Western Architecture. Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 2005

Architectural History – Ancient Greek

Barletta, Barbara A. The Origins of the Greek Architectural Orders. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001.

Belozerskaya, Marina, and Kenneth D. S. Lapatin. Ancient Greece: Art, Architecture, and History. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2004.

Coulton, John James. Ancient Greek Architects at Work: Problems of Structure and Design. Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 1977.

Dinsmoor, William Bell, and William J. Anderson. The Architecture of Ancient Greece; an Account of Its Historic Development. New York: Biblo and Tannen, 1973.

Doxiadis, Constantinos Apostolou, and Jaqueline Tyrwhitt. Architectural Space in Ancient Greece. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 1972.

Hersey, George L. The Lost Meaning of Classical Architecture: Speculations on Ornament from Vitruvius to Venturi. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 1988.

Gallo, Luciana. Lord Elgin and Ancient Greek Architecture: The Elgin Drawings at the British Museum. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009.

Lawrence, A. W., and R. A. Tomlinson. Greek Architecture. New Haven: Yale UP, 1996.

Martin, Roland. Greek Architecture: Architecture of Crete, Greece, and the Greek World. New York: Electa/Rizzoli, 1988.

Rhodes, Robin Francis. Architecture and Meaning on the Athenian Acropolis. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1995.

Scully, Vincent. The Earth, the Temple, and the Gods: Greek Sacred Architecture. New Haven: Yale UP, 1979.

Senseney, John R. The Art of Building in the Classical World: Vision, Craftsmanship, and Linear Perspective in Greek and Roman Architecture. New York: Cambridge UP, 2011.

Steele, James, and Ersin Alok. Hellenistic Architecture in Asia Minor. London: Academy Editions, 1992.

Architectural History – Ancient Etruscan and Roman

Boëthius, Axel, Roger Ling, and Tom Rasmussen. Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture. New Haven: Yale UP, 1978.

De Caro, S. et al. Pompei E Gli Architetti Francesi Dell’Ottocento. École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-arts, 1981.

MacDonald, William Lloyd. The Architecture of the Roman Empire. New Haven: Yale Univ., 1982.

MacDonald, William L. The Pantheon: Design, Meaning, and Progeny. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2002.

MacDonald William L. and John Pinto. Hadrian’s Villa and Its Legacy. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1991.

Stamper, John. The Roman Temple: The Republic to the Middle Empire. Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Ward-Perkins, J. B. Roman Imperial Architecture. New Haven: Yale UP, 1994.

Wilson Jones, Mark. The Principles of Roman Architecture. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001.

Architectural History – American

Architects Emergency Committee. Great Georgian Houses of America, Volume 1. NewYork: The Kalkhoff  Press, 1933. Volume 2. NewYork: The Scribner Press, 1937. Reprinted, New York: Dover Publications.

Axelrod, A. The Colonial Revival in America. New York and London: WW Norton & Co, 1985.

Bailey, Rosalie Fellows. Pre-revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York. New York: Dover, 1968.

Blackburn, Roderic H. Dutch Colonial Homes in America. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2002.

Blackburn, Roderic H. Great Houses of New England. New York: Rizzoli, 2008.

Blackburn, Roderic H. Old Homes of New England: Historic Houses In Clapboard, Shingle, and Stone. New York: Rizzoli, 2010.

Bottomley, William Lawrence, and Fiske Kimball. Great Georgian Houses of America  Vol 1 & 2. New York: Dover Publications, 1970.

Braden, Susan R. The Architecture of Leisure: The Florida Resort Hotels of Henry Flagler and Henry Plant (Florida History and Culture). Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2002.

Brown, Frank Chouteau and Russell Whitehead, editors. The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs. The White Pine Bureau, 1914–1924. Reprinted as The Architectural Treasures of Early America, 10 volumes. Harrisburg: The National Historical Society, 1987.

Carley, Rachel. The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture. New York: Henry Holt and, 1994.

Earl, Polly Anne. Palm Beach: An Architectural Legacy. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2003.

Garrett, Wendell. Classic America: The Federal Style & Beyond. New York: Rizzoli, 1992.

Garrett, Wendell. American Colonial: Puritan Simplicity to Georgian. New York: Monacelli, 1998.

Garvin, James L. A Building History Of Northern New England. New York: University Press Of New England, Hanover, 2001.

Gordon, Elsbeth K. Florida’s Colonial Architectural Heritage: The Florida Architectural Heritage Series (Florida Heritage). Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2002.

Gross, Geoffrey, Gregory Huber, and Margaret Bye Richie. Stone Houses: Traditional Homes of Pennsylvania’s Bucks County and Brandywine Valley. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2005.

Hamlin, Talbot. Greek Revival Architecture in America: Being an Account of Important Trends in American Architecture and American Life Prior to the War Between the States. New York: Dover Publications, 1964.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: South Carolina. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1984.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Virginia. New York: Abbeville Press, 1989.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi – Alabama. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1989.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Kentucky & Tennessee. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1993.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Colonial & Federal. Savannah: Beehive Foundation, 1996.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Maryland. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1996.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Louisiana. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1997.

Lane, Mills. Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi and Alabama. Savannah: Beehive Press, 1997.

Lawrence, John with photography by Steve Gross and Sue Daley. Creole Houses: Traditional Homes of Old Louisiana. Abrams, 2007.

Long, Gregory. Historic Houses of the Hudson Valley. New York: Rizzoli, 2004.

Howard, Hugh. Colonial Houses: The Historic Homes of Williamsburg. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2004.

Katz, Ron. French America: French Architecture Form Colonialization to The Birth Of A Nation. Archipelago Press, 2005.

Kimball, Fiske. Domestic Architecture of The American Colonies And Of The Early Republic. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1922.

Manucy, Albert. Sixteenth-Century St. Augustine: The People and Their Homes. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2008.

Manucy, Albert C. The Houses of St. Augustine, 1565-1821. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 1992.

Massey, James C., and Shirley Maxwell. House Styles in America: The Old-House Journal Guide to the Architecture of American Homes. Los Angles: Studio, 1999.

Mcalester, A. Lee, Lee Mcalester, and Virginia Mcalester. Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles. New York: Abbeville Press, 1994.

Mcalester, Lee, and Virginia Mcalester. A Field Guide to American Houses. New York: Knopf, 1984.

Meeske, Harrison. The Hudson Valley Dutch and Their Houses. Fleischmanns: Purple Mountain Press, 1999.

Morgan, William. The Abrams Guide to American House Styles. New York: Abrams, 2008.

Morrison, Hugh. Early American Architecture from the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period. New York: Oxford  University Press, 1952.

Mudrick, MaryBeth, and Lawrence D. Smith. Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom. New York, NY: Wiley, 2005.

Newcomb, Rexford. The Old Mission Churches and Historic Houses of California. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1925.

Newcomb, Rexford. Architecture of the Old Northwest Territory;: A study of early architecture in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, & part of Minnesota. Chicago: University Of Chicago Press, 1950.

Newcomb, Rexford. Spanish-Colonial Architecture in the United States. New York: Dover Publications, 1990.

Newcomb, Rexford. Mediterranean Domestic Architecture for the United States.  New York City: Acanthus Press, 1999.

Parissien, Steven. The Georgian House in America and Britain. New York: Rizzoli, 2008.

Pierson, William. American Buildings and Their Architects: The Colonial and Neo-Classical Styles. New York: Anchor Books, 1976.

Reed, Henry Hope, and Herbert Small. The Library of Congress: Its Architecture and Decoration. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. Inc., 1983.

Reed, Henry Hope, editor. The New York Public Library. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1986.

Reed, Henry Hope. The United States Capitol: Its Architecture and Decoration. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2004.

Reynolds, Helen Wilkinson. Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776. New York: Dover, 1968.

Rifkind, Carole. Field Guide To American Architecture. New Jersey: Random House Value Publishing, 1987.

Stern, Robert A. M., Gregory Gilmartin and John Massengale. New York 1900: Metropolitan Architecture and Urbanism 1890–1915. New York: Rizzoli, 1983.

Stern, Robert A. M., Gregory Gilmartin and Thomas Mellins. New York 1930: Architecture and Urbanism Between the Two World Wars. New York: Rizzoli, 1987.

Schuler, Stanley. Mississippi Valley Architecture: Houses of the Lower Mississippi Valley. FLancaster, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1984.

The Houses We Live In: An Identification Guide to the History and Style of American Domestic Architecture. San Diego: Thunder Bay Press, 2002.

Wilson, Richard Guy. The Colonial Revival House. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2004.

Stoney, Samuel Gaillard. Plantations of the Carolina Low Country. New York: Dover Publications, 1990.

Architectural History – British

Adam, Robert and James. Works in Architecture, 3 volumes. London: 1778. Reprinted, New York: Dover Publications, 1980.

Cornforth, John. Early Georgian Interiors. The British Library: Paul Mellon Center, 2005.

Cranfield, Ingrid. Georgian House Style: An Architectural and Interior Design Source Book (House Style). Cincinatti: David & Charles Publishers, 2002.

Curl, James Stevens. Georgian Architecture. Cincinatti: David & Charles Publishers, 2002.

Gore, Alan and Ann. The History of English Interiors. London: Phaidon, 1991.

Lloyd, Nathaniel. A History of English Brickwork. Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd., Annotated edition, 1999.

Parissien, Stephen. Palladian Style. London: Phaidon Press, 2000.

Parissien, Stephen. Adam Style. London: Phaidon Press, 1994.

Parissien, Stephen. Regency Style. London: Phaidon Press, 1996.

Richardson, Sir Albert Edward. Monumental Classic Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland during the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries.  London: B. T. Batsford, 1914. Reprinted as Monumental Classic Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1982.

Strange, Thomas Arthur. An Historical Guide to English Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Arts. London: B. T. Batsford, 1908. Reprinted as English Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Arts during the 17th and 18th Centuries. New York: Bonanza Books, 1968.

Summerson, John. Georgian London. Revised ed. Italy: Paul Mellon Centre, 2003.

Watkin, David. English Architecture: A Concise History, WW Norton and Co Inc, New York, 2001

Architectural History – French

Blunt, Anthony. Art and Architecture in France, 1500-1700. Yale University Press; 5th Revised edition, 1999.

Bony, Jean. French Gothic Architecture of the 12th and 13th Centuries. University of California Press, Second Impression edition, 1983.

Braham, Allan. The Architecture of the French Enlightenment. University of California Press, 1989.

Dennis, Michael. Court and Garden: From the French Hótel to the City of Modern Architecture. London: The Mit Press, 1988.

Donald, Elsie Burch. The French Farmhouse: Its History, Construction, and Regional Styles. Abbeville Press, 1955.

Drexler, Arthur. The Architecture of the École des Beaux-Arts. New York: Museum of Modern Art, distributed by MIT Press, 1977.

Egbert, Donald. The Beaux-Arts Tradition in French Architecture. Princeton University Press, 1980.

Lemoine, Bertrand. Architecture in France 1800-1900. Harry N. Abrams, 1998.

Middleton, Robin. Beaux-Arts and Nineteenth-Century French Architecture. Thames & Hudson, 1984.

Minne-Seve, Viviane. Romanesque & Gothic France: Art and Architecture. Harry N. Abrams, 2000.

Rouyer, Eugene. French Architectural Ornament: From Versailles, Fontainebleau and Other Palaces. Dover Publications, 2008.

Scott, Katie. The rococo interior: decoration and social spaces in early eighteenth-century Paris. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995

Strange, Thomas Arthur. An Historical Guide to French Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Art. London: B. T. Batsford, 1950. Reprinted as French Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Arts during the 17th and 18th Centuries. New York: Bonanza Books, 1968.

Sutcliffe, Antony. Paris: An Architectural History. Yale University Press, 1996.


Architectural History – Italian

Letarouilly, Paul. Edifices de Rome Moderne. 11th ed. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1997.

Letarouilly, Paul. The Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome. 1 ed. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2009.

Mayernik, David. Timeless Cities: An Architect’s Reflections on Renaissance Italy. Westview Press, 2003.

Murray, Peter. The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance. New York: Schocken, 1986

Wittkower, Rudolf. Art and Architecture in Italy: 1600–1750. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1973.

Architectural Monographs

Brown, Arthur, and Jeffrey T. Tilman. Arthur Brown Jr.: Progressive Classicist. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2005.

Dowling, ElizabethMeredith. American Classicist: The Architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze. New York: Rizzoli, 1989.

Greenberg, Allen. Monograph of the Work of McKim, Mead & White 1879-1915: Student’s Edition. Architectural Book Publishing Company, 1991. Originally published as A Monograph of the Works of McKim, Mead, and White, 1879–1915, 4 volumes. NewYork: The Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1915–1920. Reprinted, Da Capo Press, 1985.

Harris, Eileen. The Genius of Robert Adam: His Interiors. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001.

John, Richard. Thomas Gordon Smith: The Rebirth of Classical Architecture. London: Andreas Papadakis, 2001.

John, Richard and David Watkin. John Simpson: The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace and Other Works. London: Andreas Papadakis, 2002.

Lindeberg, H. T. Domestic Architecture of H.T. Lindeberg. New York City: Acanthus Press, 1996.

Lowe, David Garrard. Stanford White’s New York. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1999.

Merthens, John H. American Splendor: The Architecture of Horace Trumbauer. New York: Acanthus Press, 2002.

Pennoyer, Peter and Ann Walker. The Architecture of Delano and Aldrich. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2003.

Richardson, Margaret and Mary Anne Stevens, editor. John Soane, Architect. London: Royal Academy of Arts, 1999.

Salny, Stephen M. Architecture of David Adler. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1999.

Stern, Robert A.M., edited by Charles D. Warren The Architecture of Charles A. Platt. New York City: Acanthus Press, 1998. Print.

White, Samuel G. The Houses of McKim, Mead, and White. New York: Rizzoli, 1998.

White, Samuel G. The Masterworks of McKim, Mead and White. New York: Rizzoli, 2003.

Wilhide, Elizabeth. Sir Edwin Lutyens: Designing in the English Tradition. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2000.

Traditional Urbanism and Town Planning

Alminana, Robert, Andres Duany, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. New Civic Art : Elements of Town Planning. New York: Rizzoli, 2003.

Collins, Christiane. Camillo Sitte: The Birth of Modern City Planning: With a translation of the 1889 Austrian edition of his City Planning According to Artistic Principles. New York: Dover Publications, 2006.

Congress for the New Urbanism. Charter of the New Urbanism. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional Books, 1999.

Duany, Andres, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck. Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream. New York: North Point Press, 2001.

Duany, Andres, et. al. New Civic Art: Elements of Town Planning. New York: Rizzoli, 2003.

Duany, Andres, and Jeff Speck. Smart Growth Manual. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2005.

Duany, Andres, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberck. Towns and Town-Making Principles. New York: Rizzoli, 2006.

Hegemann, Werner, and Elbert Peets. The American Vitruvius: An Architects’ Handbook of Urban Design. New York: Dover Publications, 2010.

Reps, John W. Town Planning in Frontier America. Columbia, Missouri: University of Missouri Press, 1981.

Reps, John W. The Making of Urban America. A History of City Planning in the United States. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992.

Reps, John W. Tidewater towns: city planning in colonial Virginia and Maryland, (Williamsburg architectural studies). Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; distributed By The University Press Of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1972.

Unwin, Raymond. Town Planning in Practice. Princeton: Princeton Architectural Press, 1996.

The Allied Arts of Painting and Sculpture

Cox, Kenyon. The Classic Point of View. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1980.

Rice, Pierce. Man as Hero: The Human Figure in Western Art. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1987.


Semes, Steven W. The Future of the Past: A Conservation Ethic for Architecture, Urbanism, and Historic Preservation. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2009.

Hardy, Matthew. The Venice Charter Revisited: Modernism and Conservation in the Postwar World. Cambridge:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.

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