Franck presents ICAA’s 2012 Stanford White Award for Patronage to Lloyd Zuckerberg

stanford-white2 This past Friday at New York’s Racquet and Tennis Club, I was honored to present the ICAA’s inaugural Stanford White Awards Patron Award to my long-time client and friend, Lloyd Zuckerberg. My comments follow here below:

Lloyd Zuckerberg’s love of traditional architecture and the history of places began in his earliest years. As a child, driving around the Five Towns with his father pointing out “there’s an Allegue House,” Lloyd grew up respecting the beauty and attention to detail of houses built by Spanish immigrant, José Allegue. In later years, Lloyd would preserve this legacy by publishing José M. Allegue: A Builder’s Legacy.

Lloyd’s appreciation for beauty and his knowledge of architecture continued to grow at The Hotchkiss School, which he would come to celebrate in his publication: Hotchkiss, The Place, an architectural history of The Hotchkiss School. His belief in the value of the traditional architecture at Hotchkiss led him to bring some of the best new traditional architecture to campus and to fight for the preservation of a Delano and Aldrich gymnasium slated for demolition.

Whether at The Hotchkiss School or in midtown Manhattan, Lloyd believes in building designs which are compatible with the fabric of a neighborhood. He led a valiant effort to show the Harvard Club that it was possible to build an addition to their historic McKim Mead & White building in a complementary fashion instead of contrasting the old building with a new glass and steel addition.

Formerly a senior executive with Grand Central Partnership, Lloyd’s knowledge and love of architecture, not to mention his demanding work ethic , meant he was well-prepared to work as a project manager on the restoration of Grand Central Terminal, one of the greatest spaces in New York City.

A member of America’s oldest Jewish Congregation, Congregation Shearith Israel, Lloyd has spearheaded preserving everything from his synagogue’s Tiffany-Studios–designed sanctuary to a very rare part of America’s history: the Congregation Shearith Israel’s Third Cemetery on West 21st Street.

Lloyd’s role in preserving New York’s cultural and physical heritage extends beyond the city to his role as a trustee on the board of Old Westbury Gardens. The New York Landmarks Conservancy also benefits from Lloyd service on their board. And other organizations such as our Institute, the Municipal Art Society, and the Peconic Land Trust are fortunate to have his active involvement.

And even now, returning to the place which first nurtured his interests in Architecture and history, Lloyd is the founder and chairman of the Nassau Land Trust, which acts to preserve natural and historic places in Nassau County.

The role of a patron is perhaps the most important civic role one can play. For a patron keeps his eyes held high to what should be and inspires those around him to excellence. For your enduring love of architecture, for your unfailing dedication to preservation, for your vision and follow-through, for all of this and more, we are grateful. Thank you Lloyd.

On behalf of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, it is my honor to present the inaugural Stanford White Patron Award to a true patron of architecture, Lloyd Zuckerberg.

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