What Can You Do About Gehry’s Ike Memorial?

In early April, the National Capital Planning Commission will likely review Frank Gehry’s design for the Eisenhower Memorial to be built in Washington, D.C. Criticism after criticism has been leveled at the design, its urban impact, durability, and symbolism. There are few things we build of greater import than our civic memorials, for they record our history and values and transmit them to future generations. With this in mind, please review the information below and make your opinion known by writing to the following agencies.


Chairman Preston Bryant – National Capital Planning Commission; 401 9th St. NW; Washington, DC 20004

Chairman Earl A. Powell III – U.S. Commission of Fine Arts; 401 F Street NW, Suite 312; Washington, DC 20001-2728

Chairman Rocco C. Siciliano – Eisenhower Memorial Commission; 1629 K Street NW, Suite 801; Washington, DC 20006

Selected Articles reviewing Gehry’s design:

Léon Krier in Metropolis: Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, D.C.

George Will in Washington Post: Eisenhower Memorial misses the man

Roger Lewis in Washington Post: Gehry’s design for Eisenhower memorial misses the mark

Blair Kamin in Chicago Tribune: Driehaus and Krier do battle against Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial design

Pulitzer Prize Winner David Shribman in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Which Ike to like?

Paul Gunther in Huffington Post: Designing and Eisenhower Memorial on the Mall in D.C.

Clem Labine in Traditional Building: DC’s Stealth Monument

Phil Langdon in Better! Cities & Towns: Honoring Ike – and adding appropriately to the nation’s capital

Dhiru Thadani in Better! Cities & Towns: A misshapen memorial to President Eisenhower

Steel Tapestry Mock-up: Photos published by NCAS

Tom Bethel in American Spectator: A Monstrosity, Not a Monument

Stephen Walt in Foreign Policy Magazine: Who Likes Ike? Not Frank Gehry

Daily Caller: Eisenhower family objects to expensive, garish DC monument

Politico: Memorial design sparks monumental controversy

Susan Eisenhower in Washingtonian: A Q&A With Susan Eisenhower About the Fight Over Her Grandfather’s Memorial

Susan Eisenhower’s Blog: The Unpredictable Past

Susan Eisenhower’s Blog: Let’s Engage on the Real Issues with Ike’s Memorial

Susan Eisenhower’s Blog: The Eisenhower Memorial, Another Front in the Culture Wars

Public Letters of Protest:
Congressmen Dan Lungren and Aaron Schock Call for Rejecting Eisenhower Memorial Design

Congressman Frank Wolf Calls for Rejecting Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial Design

Eisenhower Family Letter Against Gehry’s Memorial Design

Report on Gehry’s Design:  NCAS Report on Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial Design

Official Presentation of Gehry’s Design:  Eisenhower Memorial Commission

Alternative Designs: Counter-proposal Competition by ICAA Mid-Atlantic Chapter and NCAS

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